Site Strategy: Goals & Metrics

We begin our projects by helping you define goals and success measures. Through surveys and workshops we learn about you, your audiences and your competitors and devise a website strategy that accounts for your business objectives, user needs, and organizational resources.

User Research

We define target user groups to help inform design and functionality decisions through user research. This includes surveys, interviews, and usability testing, among other techniques. Understanding your audience and user behaviors informs information architecture and content hierarchy throughout the site.

Content Strategy

This is the art and science of defining the purpose and delivery of your content. By documenting content structure, governance, editorial guidelines, and resources, we can empower your team to create content that supports your goals.

Inventory & Analysis

We create a content audit of your site, performing an inventory and analysis to help you uncover opportunities for improvement. This inventory gives a complete understanding of your content and contributes to the creation and categorization of a new sitemap.

Page Tables

We use page tables to help define the DNA of your new site, marrying structural elements and functionality with communication goals. We use this as a springboard to transition into the wireframe stage, and often begin with paper wireframing.

Mobile Strategy

A strong mobile web presence is increasingly central to user needs. Our mobile strategy insures that your site functions well, and shows content effectively across devices.

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