Presentation: A Drupal City

April 11, 2018
I presented at DrupalCon Nashville about working with the City of San Francisco to make a better transaction experience for residents. Moving beyond a simple content site where we te...

Spreading the Drupal Knowledge

April 6, 2015
The Chapter Three team is getting out and about this weekend to attend two Drupal camps on opposite sides of the country.  These camps are great opportunities to learn new skills and conn...

How Cliché: General Tips for PMs

October 22, 2014
At the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit, I took part in an off-the-cuff conversation about advice for starting project managers. Putting aside the jargon, tools and methodologies, I grasped for conc...

An Event Apart SF 2013 Recap

December 13, 2013
I just got back from An Event Apart San Francisco and my brain is about to burst. I’ll do my best to summarize my most significant lea...

Presentation: How Therapy Helped My Client Relationships

October 12, 2012

Learn how to make your clients love you. This session will uncover tips for successful collaborations and share how mastering human interactions is the key to happiness, success and job satisfaction.

Knowing how to collaborate effectively with clients and co-workers largely accounts for the success of our projects. Yet navigating these waters is not always easy. All of us have encountered sticky situations where clients or co-workers miscommunicate, leading to different intrepretations of reality, which can lead to conflict.


Drupalcon London - A Themer's Perspective

September 6, 2011
Ah, the old days. Remember back when you'd go to a Drupalcon or camp and realize there was nothing for themers or anyone with a sense for design and typography? As we all know Drupal hasn't had the...

Joining The Drupal Community

July 1, 2011
My name is Garret Voorhees and I'm a new Senior Designer here at Chapter Three. I come from the world of print, with a BFA in Graphic Design and MS in Print Media from the Rochester Institute of Technology. My graduate studies concerned the experience of reading in digital formats, and especially in web browsers. Through all of this, I never touched Drupal and only had a vague sense of its abilities as a web platform.

DrupalCon Chicago: Recap

March 24, 2011

For those of you who weren't able to make it to DrupalCon this year — boy, did you miss out. Not because of the great sessions, continuous flow of Birds of a Feather talks or even the arcade in the sponsor hall (with pinball machine). DrupalCon's always been about networking with other people who have similar interests and aspirations — and Chicago didn't disappoint. Most of us actually spent more time talking and sharing with fellow Drupalistas than attending the sessions!


Josh Koenig to Deliver Keynote at DrupalDownUnder

January 20, 2011

We at Chapter Three are very privileged to have Josh Koenig as one of our founders. His years of experience within the Drupal Community, whether through contributions to Drupal modules and core patches, or in the development of high-performance solutions for Drupal websites, has played a major part in making our company one of the Drupal World’s cutting edge firms.


Drupal in the Cloud (and other fun stuff) at SxSw

March 8, 2010

Just a note to all kindly Drupalists and your followers. I'll be appearing at SxSw interactive to talk about Drupal in the Cloud, sporting an updated presentation which includes info on how we're using BZR to create a "cloud platform", where all that's going anyway, plus details about our forthcoming Mercury on-demand service.


Chapter Three Sessions for DrupalCon San Francisco

February 23, 2010

We are all really excited that DrupalCon will be happening in San Francisco this April, and now we're really excited to help bring our Drupal knowledge to the masses. We are a part of nine different and wonderful sessions proposals for DrupalCon, focusing on design tools, designer/developer interaction, Agile project management for Drupal, Drupal in the Cloud (with our partners at Rackspace), Drupal as a product platform, how to grow your Drupal firm, and Continuous Integration & Automated Testing.


BADCamp is Good!

October 20, 2009

It was a great time as always at BADCamp. Chapter Three brought in copious coffee from Ritual Roasters and supplied bagels for morning munchies and I was excited to give my "Drupal in the Cloud" talk, as well as a more in-depth presentation on making Drupal fast and scalable. Matt and Jon rocked worlds with their talks digging into what we're calling "The Panels Paradigm" around here, and Squiggy introduced a room full of folks to the nuts and bolts of theming in Views 2.0.