Using Background Videos

February 27, 2019
We have designed and built many websites with a background video playing on the homepage. It’s a modern trend and a powerful, eye-grabbing visual asset. Video conveys movement and momentu...

Chapter Three Launches Innovative, New HDR Site on Drupal 8

June 19, 2017
Architecture and engineering company HDR wanted to bring their web presence into the modern age. Our goal was to bring HDR’s personality to the forefront with their new Drupal 8 website. Through extensive strategy and design workshops, facilitated on-site in Omaha and virtually with distributed team members, we crafted an information architecture and aesthetic that supported internal initiatives while enhancing the general public’s experience.

ADNI3 Launches on Drupal 8

April 2, 2017
Since 2004, the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) has been leading clinical trials for the purpose of finding effective methods of treatment and preventative medicine for...

Web Font Licensing Overview

June 30, 2016
Implementing custom typography on the web used to be hard. We were limited to a small set of “web-safe fonts”, provided by Microsoft’s

The Slice Template

June 13, 2016
For the past two to three years, we’ve been evolving a flexible design solution for marketing pages. We call it the Slice Template. What is the Slice Template? The Slice ...

A Better Way to Administrate Drupal - Part 1

January 14, 2016
I started an internal discussion with the team about the possibility of contributing an administrative theme to the community. Many were eager to help. A new Slack channel was born, and a impassioned flurry of ideas and concepts came pouring out.

Persona Best Practices

December 3, 2015
Personas are an insightful deliverable to help create better user experiences. They can be approached a number of ways depending on your end goals—whether you're redefining your brand voi...

Wireframing Template for Sketch

September 18, 2015
This was supposed to be Part 3 of my Wireframing with OmniGraffle series but the trouble is, I don’t use OmniGraffle for wireframes anymore! (It is still a great tool for building sit...

Goals First, Then Tactics

July 6, 2015
When I kick off a client project, two of my first questions are: What are your project goals? What are your project tactics? Most of the time, my clie...

Drupalcon LA Recap

May 18, 2015
DrupalCon LA was a success! Even though our booth got lost by UPS, our team pulled together a make-shift booth in a matter of days, gave three well received talks, led a successful training, partic...

What is a Launch Blocker?

November 21, 2014
With almost every aggressively-timed project launch, the race to the finish line can easily become a game of task resolution whack-a-mole. With anxieties running high, the pre-launch to-do list can...

Our Industry Needs Digital Experience Directors

October 2, 2014
Our industry needs a new position. A person whose entire job is owning, directing and overseeing a website. We need a new title for them. I propose we call them Digital Experience Directors...

Drupalcon Austin 2014 Recap

June 9, 2014
For those who didn't get to attend Drupalcon or are looking for our session videos or slides, they are posted below. The Drupal Association did a great j...

Chapter Three Website Redesign 5.0

May 28, 2014
It is with great pleasure that we can finally announce the relaunch of the Chapter Three website! A year in the making, this site represents a culmination of efforts encompassing our evolution as a...

An Event Apart SF 2013 Recap

December 13, 2013
I just got back from An Event Apart San Francisco and my brain is about to burst. I’ll do my best to summarize my most significant lea...

How to Create a Winning Website

October 24, 2013

Creating or redesigning a website can be an overwhelming task to take on. Most people don’t know where to start, or get stuck along the way.

To make this process easier to understand, we produced this infographic to illustrate the steps required to create a beautiful and meaningful Drupal website. 

 View the full infographic to learn:


Presentation: Wireframing Smarter

October 21, 2013

As the sites we build get increasingly complicated, the wireframing phase is increasingly important. Solving high-level usability challenges early in the process is less expensive and faster for you and your clients! In this talk, I'll share the techniques and tools we use at Chapter Three to quickly produce high-quality wireframes and maintain your UX sanity.


Death of skeuomorphism and the future of design

June 26, 2013

The future is now

At the Design4Drupal camp in Boston there was a lot of talk about responsive design the state of design and where the future of design is headed. There was much discussion about what types of devices we may soon be designing for and how people will interact with them.


How to Give Design Feedback Like a Pro

June 14, 2013
Giving design feedback is hard, but with a few quick tips you do it like a pro. The Design Feedback Sandwich. The best way to keep designers happy is to use what I call the&nb...

Helping Tintri revolutionize the VM-aware storage market

May 16, 2013

To expand and gain a stronger foothold in the VM storage market, Tintri turned to Chapter Three to create a new look and feel for their business. As a team, the two companies built a stronger content structure that spoke more effectively to Tintri’s primary audiences.

The project was a resounding success, resulting in an immediate 30% increase in traffic and a significant uptick in lead generation after just one month.


Xyratex Case Study

February 6, 2013
We created a new site for Xyratex to better communicate with its target audiences, and reflect its evolution into a solutions company. A new website for a broader audience

Presentation: How Therapy Helped My Client Relationships

October 12, 2012

Learn how to make your clients love you. This session will uncover tips for successful collaborations and share how mastering human interactions is the key to happiness, success and job satisfaction.

Knowing how to collaborate effectively with clients and co-workers largely accounts for the success of our projects. Yet navigating these waters is not always easy. All of us have encountered sticky situations where clients or co-workers miscommunicate, leading to different intrepretations of reality, which can lead to conflict.


Content Strategy is the Missing Piece

May 18, 2012

In lieu of the fact that I was unable to go attend Confab this week, I wanted to represent the Content Strategy movement by sharing a notion I've been thinking about for quite some time. I believe there are three key ingredients to making an amazing website: 


Redesigning the Panels IPE

April 3, 2012

A few years back I worked on a project, which will remain nameless, where I redesigned the IPE (In Place Editor) for Panels. My dreams were crushed when I found out implementation was not possible for various techno-complicated reasons.


California Home & Design Case Study

December 3, 2011
We updated California Home + Design's (CH+D) website to reflect their new look and feel, resulting in an 80% spike in visitor traffic Th...

DML Central Support Case Study

November 11, 2011
We increased DML's web traffic by 150% by improving the information architecture and visual design. Continuous design improvements over the long term

7x7 Case Study

October 26, 2011
We helped 7x7 increase web traffic, improve SEO, and streamline its administrative workflow. The problem 7x7's print magazine had an outdated website that didn't fit its reade...

Thinking About Branding

October 14, 2011
I recently went to the Brand New Conference, a one-day gathering of designers to discuss branding, identity and ideation. The list of...

Drupalcon London - A Themer's Perspective

September 6, 2011
Ah, the old days. Remember back when you'd go to a Drupalcon or camp and realize there was nothing for themers or anyone with a sense for design and typography? As we all know Drupal hasn't had the...